Mission and Values


The vision of Berean Baptist Church is to glorify God, the Father and His Son Jesus Christ by building a strong Biblically based Baptist Church, true to the fundamentals of the historic Christian faith, and passionate about carrying out the Great Commission of our Lord.


The mission of Berean is to fervently worship the triune God both corporately and individually in our lifestyles, to diligently search, study, apply, and teach the Word of the Scriptures so that our lives will truly be Christ-like and Biblical, and to witness and win those who are outside Christ through prayer, missions, and local evangelism.

Distinct Values:

Our Church is independent of outside denominational control; we are bound by the teachings of the Scriptures. Our church unashamedly holds to the historic fundamentals of the Christian faith. We place the highest priority upon solid expositional teaching and preaching of the Bible; we oppose shallow, careless study and application of the Word of God. We hold that the distinctive Baptist teachings are biblically-based and accurate. We believe that a church must balance theological truth and teachings with evangelistic zeal. It is too easy to become spiritually dead and lifeless; our church must maintain a fervent love for our Lord and Savior and must be passionate about Him. We believe that the pastor's primary duty is to disciple and train the believer so that the believer may assist in carrying out the work of the ministry, resulting in the edification of the body of Christ according to Ephesians 4:11-12.